OceanAire OWC3632 – 36,100 BTU/h – 3 ton water-cooled – 208-230V/3Ph


Designed for areas where ventilation is not available

The OceanAire OWC3632 is designed to target cool air to specific areas through a grill located on the upper front of the unit while rejecting heat into the waster water. This model is ideal for enclosed rooms or small areas without ventilation because water-cooled air conditioners do not require exhaust ducting, Water-cooled spot coolers are more efficient, cost less to run, and require less maintenance.

Housed in a gray polyester powder-coated, 18-gauge sheet metal cabinet, it uses 208-230V/3Ph.  A dedicated circuit and time-delay fuses/circuit breakers are recommended.

Set the thermostat at the “start” and “stop” temperatures you want and the machine will do the rest.

Accessories and factory installed options are available for OWC units for improved performance and versatility.  These include an exhaust duct kit, nozzle kits, and more.

Standard features include:

  • Voltage 208-230v, 60hz, 3ph
  • Amps 9.3
  • Total watts 2700
  • In rush amps 80
  • Plug type l15-20p
  • Eer 13.4
  • Compressor scroll
  • Compressor hp 3
  • Compressor lra 77
  • Evap cfm – high 1200
  • Evap motor hp 1/3
  • Condenser water flow
  • At 60°f water in 2.2 gpm
  • At 85°f water in 9 gpm
  • Water line connections
  • Water in 5/8 mf
  • Water out 5/8 mf
  • Drain 3/8 mf
  • Condensate removal pump automatic
  • 20’ vertical lift
  • Refrigerant charge 24 oz r-410a
  • Height 50-14 in
  • Width 28-1/4 in
  • Depth 18 in
  • Net weight 275 lb

Cooling Ambient Operating range is 65º TO 105º

Not Approved for Outdoor Use

This machine is also available in 460V/3Ph (OWC3634)

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