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Start 2021 with the Latest Innovation in Air Cleaning, Air Filtration, Negative Air, and Bipolar Ionization to help fight COVID-19

The KwiKool BIOair™ series are multi-purpose machines that can operate as a stand-alone negative air machine, a stand-alone air cleaner, or a combination of both.


With HEPA filtration, Bipolar Ionization Technology (BPI), and internal UV-C lights for air purification, the BIOair™ units have a 99.97% efficiency for particulates as small as 0.3 microns.

See our full line of KwiKool BIOair™ series with your choice of one or more of our nine air purification/filtration technologies


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Your HVAC system not keeping up?

Don’t replace the entire system…purchase a portable unit.

We are one of the largest nationwide distributors of KwiKool, MovinCool, OceanAire, and Airrex portable spot coolers, heaters, and air cleaner machines.

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Have an emergency?

Need to temporarily cool, heat, or clear the air?

We have one of the largest inventories of portable spot coolers, heaters, and air cleaner machines that can quickly be rented and installed anywhere in the United States.

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