Portable air coolers for any size server room

The Portable Air Group started in 2006

Technology is a large and necessary investment for every business. Heat is the number one cause of microprocessor failure.
Can you afford to let your computer systems languish without auxiliary computer cooling?

Our coolers are perfect for over-heated areas

Largest affiliate office network in the country

Our portable air conditioners can temporarily or permanently solve any cooling problem, even in a telecommunications hub. Don’t let your valuable equipment overheat – cool it with a portable spot cooler.

A portable spot cooler for any technology

Lowest prices; best service worldwide

Whatever technology you have, we have an auxiliary computer cooling solution to solve any problem. Our cooling units can cool a small area or an entire room. We sell worldwide.

Protect your technology with portable cooling

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No matter what traffic loads your servers encounter, our portable coolers can effectively remove additional heat quickly. Whether you have a small or a large room, Portable Air Group has a solution.