We provide emergency cooling and heating

We started in 2006

Hospitals and health care facilities can not simply close when the air conditioner breaks.

We have the cooling solutions that will enable you to continue to provide your indispensable service during equipment failure or emergencies.

We have auxiliary cooling solutions for areas not covered

We are prepared for any disaster

Some areas may not be cooled or heated sufficiently.

We have portable air machines to fit any space or area so patients and health care professionals are always comfortable.

Our units are perfect for labs, radiology and patient rooms

Largest network of affiliated offices in the US

Our machines can be rolled into any room or space and installed temporarily or permanently to the existing ductwork.

We have units that cool, heat, HEPA certified, and provide UV filtration as well.

Service unsurpassed 24/7 everyday

Our services are available 24/7

When it comes to a medical emergency, speed counts and we are there with our services and installation anywhere in the country within 24 hours or less every day of the week.

We can cool, heat, or clean and dry air whether it is a small area, a room, or a building anytime and on any day.