A room or a building, we have the power you need to get the job done.

Our slogan - Clean It, Cool It, Dry It, Heat It

Do your clients need to move in before construction is completely finished?

Simply section off the completed part of the building and use one of our portable heating or cooling solutions until construction is complete.

Our machines can be rolled in or installed in any HVAC system.

We sell and rent units worldwide

It is often necessary to bring the main HVAC system offline while performing maintenance or a remodeling job.

Offer your clients the ability to remain open for business by using one of our temporary cooling or heating solutions.

We can keep everyone on the job cool or warm.

We have been in business since 2006

Imagine, any job does not have to be delayed because of extreme hot or cold weather.

Keep your customers happy by meeting deadlines with Portable Air Group’s versatile line of portable coolers, heaters, and portable air machines that clean or dry air.

No matter how small or large, we have a solution.

Take a look at our products

Need to heat or cool a house or a building, our products are perfect for temporary or permanent installation.

Built specifically for portability, quick and easy installation, and operation, our units are used all over the world in many industries from construction to government to telecommunications.