KwiKool KIB4221- 42,000 – BTU/h – 3.5 ton air-cooled – 208v/1Phase

The KwiKool KIB4221 is the perfect solution for cooling server rooms

The KwiKool KIB4221 is the smallest unit possible in size and capacity in The Iceberg Series, KwiKool’s Flagship Line of portables for both primary and backup air conditioning. With its full-featured design, high sensible cooling, and balanced air system, the KIB4221 is the perfect solution for cooling server rooms. The Iceberg Series is quick and easy with its “plug and play” technology and tops the competition in its small size, big performance, and tons of features. From its hi-tech microprocessor controls and self-diagnostics to the long list of standard features (most of which are not even available in other brands), the Iceberg Series outperforms, outlasts, and out features other portables and all at a price that is comparable to the no-frills products that are available.

  • Compact yet Powerful
  • Wide Operating range of 60F-110F
  • Cold Air Supply CFM 750
  • NEMA Field Supplied
  • Cold Air Supply CFM 1400
  • Weight 409 lbs.
  • 22.3″L x 45″W x 50″H

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Accessories Diagram


Part Name


1 KDC-42 Cold Air Chute Kit
2 CK-42 Ceiling Tile Kit (includes two each of parts 3, 4 and 5)
3 8ft x 16in duct 8ft section of 16in diameter exhaust duct
4 Ceiling Tile 24in x 24in dual flange ceiling tile
5 DCR-16 16in diameter intake/exhaust Flange

Accessories are not included with the unit.


BTU/hr @ 95F at 60% RH 42,000 (3.5-Ton)
Compressor Type Hermetic Recip.
Operating Temperatures 60-110 F 50%RH
Refrigerant 407C
Fan Type (Centrifugal) Direct Drive
Air Flow (CFM) 1400/3 Speed
Supply Air Device Adjustable Vent
Supply Air Chute Kit (optional) 2 – 8″ Dia. x 21″ Length
I/O Integral Condenser Balanced Air Flow
Fan Type (Centrifugal) Direct Drive
Air Flow (CFM) 2100
Condenser Duct Specs (optional) 2 – 16″ Dia. x 8′ Length
Condenser Duct Max. Length 25′
Power Supply (Volts) 208/230 Single Phase
Current Consumption (Amps) 27.3/24.9
Power Consumption (kW) 5.8
Maximum Circuit Breaker (Amps) 40
Recommended Breaker Size 40 (208) / 30 (230)
Minimum Circuit Ampacity(Amps) 30.4
Min./Max. Voltage 195-225/210-250
Power Cord Gauge/Length 10 AWG / 10′
Plug Configuration Field Supplied
Width x Depth x Height (Inches) 22.325″ x 44″ x 49″
Weight (Lbs.) 409
Shipping Weight (Lbs.) 459
Ceiling Kit Weight (Lbs.) 50
Shipping Weight w/ Ceiling Kit 569
Compressor Overload Internal
Fan Motor Overload Automatic Internal
Evaporator Freeze Protection Hot Gas Bypass
High Pressure Switch Manual
Low Pressure Switch Automatic
Compressor Short Cycle Yes
Automatic Restart Yes
Thermostat Type Microprocessor/Digital
Condensate Pump Overflow Yes
Condensate Tank Overflow Yes

Additional information

Weight 409 lbs
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