OmniAire 1200V HEPA Air Machine – Discontinued

OmniAire 1200V machines are used to create positive or negative air pressure containment areas for mold, asbestos, and lead abatement projects.

(See our air exchanges per hour chart below)


OmniAire 1200V features variable speed control and produces 150 to 1100 CFM, even though it weighs only 105 lbs. The 1200V is a high performer for a medium-sized HEPA air scrubber. An upright housing, with large 10 wheels for stair climbing, makes it easy to transport and set up by a single person. With an integrated ring connection for flex ducting on the discharge side and an optional flex duct adapter on the intake side, the 1200V makes directing airflow simple. Depending on environmental requirements, the 1200V can operate in a vertical or horizontal position.

The OmniAire 1200V housings have a smooth, clean finish and individually riveted construction; with hospital-grade non-marking casters allowing for easy portability. All critical seams are silicone sealed before and after riveting to assure that contaminated air will not bypass the HEPA filter. 1200V machines have an easy to sanitize aluminum with powder-coating housing, designed to last job after job.

With numerous optional filters, OmniAire machines are suitable for a large array of jobs from controlling construction dust, to tasks that require true 99.99% HEPA efficiency. Our standard machine configuration consists of a 99.97% efficient HEPA filter, with our Dustlok Primary/Secondary filter. Dustlok filters are treated with an anti-microbial additive to prevent the growth of bacteria, and a tackifier to increase dust-holding capacity. OdorGuard carbon filters provide effective control of odor, VOCs, or fumes. OdorGuard filters can be installed in conjunction with Dustlok and HEPA filters as projects demand.

For your safety, the OmniAire 1200V fully complies with OSHA, UL, and CSA/IEC electrical safety requirements.

 1200V Applications:

  • HEPA filtration during abatement of mold, asbestos, and lead.
  • Renovation projects or light construction.
  • Create negative or positive pressure containment areas.
  • Removal or control of odors, VOCs, or fumes.
  • Medical facilities and labs.

1200V Accessories:

  • To direct airflow as needed, optional intake manifold adapters can be added to the 1200V that connect directly to the machine. Our manifold adapters are made of durable ABS plastic and allow the machines to operate outside of the containment area and connect to the containment with a flexible hose.
  • OdorGuard 600 carbon filters when added optionally provide effective control of odors, VOCs, or fumes. OdorGuard Filters can be installed behind the Dustlok pre-filter for individual projects, or whenever necessary.
  • To sanitize the air when dealing with bio-contaminants, an optional UV germicidal light module can be installed when necessary.

For your safety, OmniAire 1200V complies with OSHA, UL and CSA/IEC electrical safety requirements.

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Typical Air Changes Per Hour Table

Experts in interior air flow management recommend the following air changes per hour


Basements 3-4
Bedrooms 5-6
Bathrooms 6-7
Family Living Rooms 6-8
Kitchens 7-8
Laundry 8-9


Business Offices 6-8
Lunch Break Rooms 7-8
Conference Rooms 8-12
Medical Procedure Offices 9-10
Copy Rooms 10-12
Main Computer Rooms 10-14
Smoking Area 13-15


Dining Area 8-10
Food Staging 10-12
Kitchens 14-18
Bars 15-20


Hallways 6-8
Retail Stores 6-10
Foyers 8-10
Churches 8-12
Restrooms 10-12
Auditoriums 12-14
Smoking Rooms 15-20
Rob Falke, Contracting Business 24 March 2016

Additional information

Weight 111 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 24 × 39 in

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