KwiKool KPO25-43TRL – Indoor/Outdoor 270,000 BTU/h

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The KwiKool KPO25-43TRL provides 25-tons of cooling, 270,000 BTUs of heating and can be used either in or out of doors.  It has a small footprint and can be mounted on a custom trailer for easy transport

The KwiKool KPO25-43 can offer 25 tons of air conditioning and/or 270,000 BTU/h.  It is the most versatile unit in size and capabilities on the market today when compared to other portables of similar capacity. The unit is 6’L x 6’W x 6’2”H and is ideal for applications with limited available space.  Non-trailered, the heavy-duty 12-gauge steel base has forklift skid access for easy movement, setup, and transport. It can be ordered with air conditioning, heating, or both.

With the optional custom trailer, the KPO25-43TRL measures 11’3″L x 6’3″W x and 7’5″H, and easily fits into a semi, hot shot, cargo container, or any other shipping conveyance. Trailers offer options such as tail lights, a spare tire, and single or dual axles. They can be custom-painted and galvanized for tough environments.

The KwiKool KPO25-43 offers advanced airflow capabilities, servicing up to 75 feet of 20″ cold air supply and return ducts, without using a booster blower. The unit can be placed outdoors with a duct running into a building space using high static blowers to reach an isolated heat load, such as a sealed interior room.

The KwiKool KPO25-43 runs on a 460-volt/80-amp 3-phase circuit with built-in cam-lock connections for easy electrical hook up. It includes a phase monitor that automatically shuts down the unit if the voltage or phases are improper, avoiding damage to the unit’s electrical components.

The condenser has low ambient temperature capability using a variable frequency drive.  This allows the unit to operate at temperatures below freezing. The unit comes with an internal high-lift condensate pump to adequately remove condensation.

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 KwiKool KPO25-43TRL Features:

  • 60,000 BTUh heat
  • 25-ton cooling capacity
  • HD 16-gauge insulated G90 galvanized and epoxy powder-coated cabinet mounted to a 12-gauge skid for optimum durability, efficiency, low maintenance, and quiet operation
  • High Static Hyperdrive evaporator fans capable of accommodating 100 feet of duct
  • Broad operating range of 60ºF-110ºF
  • Low ambient condensing temperature controls utilizing Variable Frequency Drive technologies
  • ETL and CETL listed to UL and CSA standards
  • Multi-function Digital control with a large, easy-to-read LCD display
  • Trailer measures 11’3″L x 6’3″W x and 7’5″H, and easily fits into a semi, hot shot, cargo container, or any other shipping conveyance

KwiKool KPO25-43TRL Specifications:

  • Power Supply (Volts): 480/460 3-Phase
  • Current Consumption (Amps): 61.8
  • Power Consumption (kW): 44.26
  • Circuit Breaker (Amps): 110
  • Recommended Breaker Size: 80
  • Circuit Ampacity (Amps): 74.15
  • /Max. Voltage: 420-500
  • Power Connection: Color Coded Cam Locks / 3AW
  • Power Quality Control: Internal Phase and Power Monitor
  • Dimensions (without trailer): 72″L x 72″W x 62.4″H
  • Dimensions with custom trailer: 11’3″L x 6’3″W x 7’5″H

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