For nearly two decades, we have served the needs of healthcare facilities, schools, universities, and a wide range of businesses in the U.S. and abroad.

Our goal is to tailor appropriate portable solutions for cooling, heating, dehumidification, air cleaning and purification.

Need power? We have generators, too.

We represent the leading manufacturers in the industry including MovinCool®, KwiKool®, Big Ass Fans®, OceanAire, Generac®, and others.


The Specifics


      • We sell portable equipment for permanent and emergency use to cool, clean, purify, dry, and heat air in a wide range of facilities and venues.


      • Our customers include hospitals, banks, schools, manufacturing operations, military facilities, construction sites, entertainment venues, and more.


      • You will find our portable products in settings ranging from computer rooms and telecommunications centers to hangars, manufacturing processes and work stations, and warehouses.


      • We also rent portable cooling, heating, and power generation equipment. If your HVAC system has failed or you have a scheduled maintenance in your future plans, call us about rentals until your main system is back up and running.



      • Portable cooling options include air-cooled, water-cooled, and split-system portables from 1 to 12 tons and trailer and skid-mounted units from 50- to 1,200-ton capacity. We also have heat pumps.


      • Our direct and indirect fired heating product line is as diverse as your requirements.


      • Our selection of power generation equipment (25-1000KW), fans, and evaporative cooler is comprehensive, with multiple options to meet virtually any need.

      • We’re available 24/7 for problem-solving. Our management team has years of experience in this market segment. We provide innovative solutions with the proper portable equipment for your unique application.


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