OceanAire PAC1211 – 11,800 BTU/h – 1 ton air-cooled


Efficient Spot Cooling with a small footprint

By cooling only the area that needs it, the OceanAire PAC1211 saves you money while protecting people and equipment and speeding up processes. The installation of this unit does not require specialized training.

The OceanAire PAC Series are portable air-cooled spot coolers designed for permanent or temporary cooling applications.

The entire portable air conditioning unit has been built in an attractive sheet metal cabinet, equipped with heavy-duty casters for mobility.

All PAC models come with a 10-foot power cord for electrical connection and added mobility in service. These spot coolers are designed to direct air to specific areas or objects through a discharge grill located on the upper front of the unit while rejecting heat from the top of the unit. Simply roll into place, plug in the power cord, attach any accessories, and enjoy quick comfortable cooling in minutes!

The PAC models range in cooling capacities from 12,000 BTU/HR to 60,000 BTU/HR to satisfy most space cooling requirements. The PAC is a self-contained unit with the entire cooling system, evaporator and condenser fan motors and electrical components neatly arranged in a gray polyester powder-coated metal cabinet.

When connected to the proper source of electrical power, a 24-volt thermostat controls the PAC unit to provide the desired level of comfort and cooling.

A wide variety of accessories and factory installed options are available for the PAC units allowing for improved performance and versatility.

  • 11,800 BTU/h
  • 24 v control circuit with non–programmable electronic thermostat
  • Washable electrostatic air filter
  • Swivel ball bearing casters with locks at front
  • 2-speed fan switch
  • Condensate tank alert light
  • LCDI power cord
  • High-pressure safety switch

Cooling Ambient Operating range is 65º TO 105º
Not Approved for Outdoor Use

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