OmniAire 1600PAC HEPA Portable Air Cleaner


The OmniAire 1600PAC machine is used to provide either a positive or negative pressure in patient or in operation rooms

(See our air exchanges per hour chart below)


The OmniAire 1600PAC can also purify and recirculate air in large patient waiting areas and other isolation spaces. The OmniAire 1600PAC utilizes a combination of a medical-grade HEPA filter and UV germicidal irradiation that offers the highest level of protection for both health care professionals and patients. Depending on your environmental requirements, OmniAire 1600PAC Series machines offer an assortment of options for pre-filters, HEPA filters, and accessories. Our standard OmniAire 1600PAC machine ships with a MERV 11 pleated primary filter, UV-germicidal lights, and a 99.99% efficient, .3 micron HEPA filter.

OmniAire equipment provides a cleaner and healthier environment in industrial facilities as well as abatement projects.


  • Combines HEPA/UVGI air purification
  • Quiet operation
  • Fully variable airflow
  • Light weight and a small footprint.
  • Comply with OSHA, UL and CSA/IEC electrical safety requirements.

Optional PEROx air purifier module, which utilizes hydro-peroxides and oxidizer plasma, can be quickly installed for safe distraction of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), odors, bacteria, viruses, and other bio-contaminants. The Hydro-peroxide plasma purifies not only the air passing thru but also the air and surrounding surfaces. The PEROx module enables a quick turnover of patient’s rooms and in-depth purification without the use of chemicals.

Technical Specifications Owner’s/Installation Guide

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Typical Air Changes Per Hour Table

Experts in interior airflow management recommend the following air changes per hour


Basements 3-4
Bedrooms 5-6
Bathrooms 6-7
Family Living Rooms 6-8
Kitchens 7-8
Laundry 8-9


Business Offices 6-8
Lunch Break Rooms 7-8
Conference Rooms 8-12
Medical Procedure Offices 9-10
Copy Rooms 10-12
Main Computer Rooms 10-14
Smoking Area 13-15


Dining Area 8-10
Food Staging 10-12
Kitchens 14-18
Bars 15-20


Hallways 6-8
Retail Stores 6-10
Foyers 8-10
Churches 8-12
Restrooms 10-12
Auditoriums 12-14
Smoking Rooms 15-20
Rob Falke, Contracting Business 24 March 2016

Additional information

Weight 110 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 26 × 40 in

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