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For rooms up to 15,000 sq. feet, the OmniClean OCA1500 series is a testament to quiet efficiency, making it an ideal choice for spaces like lobbies, waiting areas, open cube areas, studios, and large conference rooms

(See our air exchanges per hour chart below)

Designed for spaces including offices, classrooms, and waiting rooms, the OmniClean OCA1500 and OCA1510 operate quietly and provide portable in-room solutions to supplement high-risk, poorly ventilated indoor spaces and consistently achieve 6 or more air changes per hour (ACH).

User-friendly and password-protected features like digital speed control allow for precise customization of airflow and trackable ACH. HEPA filtration removes dangerous particles at 99.99% efficiency for 0.3-micron particles.

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OmniClean OCA1500/1510 Specifications: 

  • For rooms up to 15,000 sq. feet
  • Min CFM: 800
  • Max CFM: 1500
  • CADR: 1499.9 CFM
  • HEPA 99.99% at 0.3u, measures: 12″ x 12″ x 12″
  • Prefilter MERV-11
  • Activated Carbon Filter
  • Electrical input: 120V/220V
  • Power requirement: 110 VAC / 60 Hz /7.1A
  • Sound level: 57-66dB
  • Dimensions: 20″W x 18″D x 48″H
  • Weight: 170 lbs.
  • Fully sealed HEPA to properly match to motor design, which means CADR effectively matches CFM
  • Controls
    • Filter Status
    • UVC Status
    • On/Off, Power Indicator
    • Realtime CFM/ACH Indicators
    • Auto Shutoff
    • Safety Sensors
    • High Contrast OLED Digital Display
    • Tamper-Proof Passcode
  • Optional SureUVC™ chamber of UVGI bulbs, units can disinfect the air streaming through the machine, inactivating microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and mold (OCA510 unit)

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OCA Series Comparison Chart & Spec Sheet OCA Series Operation Manual

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Typical Air Changes Per Hour Table

Experts in interior air flow management recommend the following air changes per hour


Basements 3-4
Bedrooms 5-6
Bathrooms 6-7
Family Living Rooms 6-8
Kitchens 7-8
Laundry 8-9


Business Offices 6-8
Lunch Break Rooms 7-8
Conference Rooms 8-12
Medical Procedure Offices 9-10
Copy Rooms 10-12
Main Computer Rooms 10-14
Smoking Area 13-15


Dining Area 8-10
Food Staging 10-12
Kitchens 14-18
Bars 15-20


Hallways 6-8
Retail Stores 6-10
Foyers 8-10
Churches 8-12
Restrooms 10-12
Auditoriums 12-14
Smoking Rooms 15-20
Rob Falke, Contracting Business 24 March 2016

Additional information

Weight 170 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 18 × 48 in

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