KwiKool KBIO1411 – HEPA, UV Air Conditioner – 13,800 BTU air-cooled 115V/1ph


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Medical Grade Portable Air Conditioning & Cleaning

The Model KBIO1411 (nominal 1.1-ton or 13,800 BTU) is the newest KwiKool Portable Cooling System in The BioKool Series.

KwiKool’s BioKool Series exclusive 4 point “air therapy” process cools, cleans, disinfects, and retards mold & microbe growth. This means that the KBIO1411 model will clean 99.999% of all particulates greater than .03 microns in size and reduces microorganisms by irradiating the evaporator coil, airstream, and the internal surfaces of the evaporator chamber, all while controlling the temperature.

The BioKool Series KBIO1411 is quick and easy to install with its “plug and play” technology and has a patent-pending. From its hi-tech microprocessor controls and self-diagnostics to the long list of standard features (most of which are not even available in other brands of ordinary spot coolers), the BioKool Series KBIO1411 is in a class by itself and will give you the clean cool space that you need.

** Exhaust duct required in most cases. Pumps are recommended for indoor applications.



  • MADE IN USA!  – ETL and CETL listed to UL and CSA standards
  • Compact yet Powerful -13,800 BTU/H – 1-Ton capacity air-cooled
  • Runs on 115V 15 amp circuit – Wide Operating range of 65ºF-105ºF
  • Filter – Filters 99.999% of particulates greater than .3 microns in size
  • Internal UVC light irradiates the evaporator coil, air stream and the internal surfaces of the evaporator chamber
  • UVC light interlock switches that turn the UVC light off for access door openings
  • Dual ducting: provides balanced air pressure to prevent entry of outside contamination

Specification Sheet Operation Manual Warranty
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Accessories Diagram


Part Name


1 KDC-12 Cold Air Chute Kit
2 CK-12 Ceiling Tile Kit (includes two each of parts 3, 4 and 5)
3 8ft x 12in duct 8ft section of 12in diameter exhaust duct
4 Ceiling Tile 24in x 24in dual flange ceiling tile
5 DCR-12 12in diameter intake/exhaust Flange

Accessories are not included with the unit.


BTU/hr @ 95F at 60% RH 13,800 (1-Ton)
HEPA Filter 99.999% @ > .3 Microns
UVC Light Wave Length UVC 17 Watts / Max 85 Watts
Compressor Type Hermetic Rotary
Operating Temperatures 65-105F 50%RH
Non-CFC Refrigerant 410A
Fan Type (Centrifugal) Direct Drive
Air Flow (CFM) 450 / Single Speed
Supply Air Data Adjustable Vent
Supply Air Chute Data (optional) 2 – 5″ Dia. x 16″ Length
I/O Integral Condenser – In / Out Balanced Air Flow
Fan Type (Centrifugal) Direct Drive
Air Flow (CFM) 700
Condenser Duct Data (optional) 2 – 12″ Dia. x 8′ Length
Condenser Duct Maximum Length 25′
Power Supply (Volts) 115V / Single Phase
Current Consumption (Amps) 11.5
Power Consumption (kW) 1.3
Maximum Circuit Breaker (Amps) 15
Recommended Breaker Size 15
Minimum Circuit Ampacity (Amps) 17.09
Min./Max. Voltage 105-125
Power Cord Gauge/Length in Feet 14 AWG / 6′
Plug Configuration NEMA 5-15
Width x Length x Height (Inches) 16.325″ x 43.25″ x 37.75″
Weight (lbs) 230
Shipping Weight (lbs) 280
Ceiling Kit CK-12 Weight (lbs) 38
Shipping Weight w/ Ceiling Kit 318
Compressor Overload Internal
Fan Motor Overload Automatic Internal
Evaporator Freeze-up Hot Gas Bypass
High Pressure Switch Manual
Low Pressure Switch Auto
Compressor Short Cycle Yes
Automatic Restart Yes
Condensate Pump Overflow Yes
Condensate Tank Overflow Yes

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