Portable Air GroupMovinCool ceiling-mounted spot cooling units are a space-saving design for overhead installations

Shortest top-to-bottom profile in the industry — can be installed in virtually any drop ceiling.


Ideal for Offices, Conference Rooms, Hotels, Overhead Spot Cooling, Supplemental Cooling, Off-season Spot Cooling, Anywhere space is limited

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MovinCool CM12 -10,500 BTU/h – 1 ton air-cooled

$3,499.00 $2,979.00

The MovinCool CM12 ceiling-mounted cooler fits almost anywhere

The CM12 is ideal for controlling temperatures in cramped offices, conference rooms, and computer rooms.

With overhead installation, it takes no floor space.

Lowest profile in the industry (15.2 in. high). Works in practically any drop ceiling.

No special electrical requirements: Runs on 115V with 15 amp circuit and uses only 1.23 kW.

Quiet operation. Only 52 dB(A) — similar to sound levels from a refrigerator.

  • 10,500 Btu/h at 80ºF 50% RH (Evaporator) & 95ºF 40% RH (Condenser)
  • 13,000 Btu/h at 95ºF 60% RH
  • 115V, 15 amps – no special electric required
  • No floor space needed
  • Fits into tight ceiling spaces – only 15.5″ tall
  • Effective from 65° to 95°F (evaporator) and 65° to 113°F (condenser).
  • Optional wall thermostat for programmed operation.
  • Built-in flanges and mounting brackets for simplified installation.
  • Specification Sheet coming Operation Manual coming Service Manual coming

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