Airrex HSC-70 7-Ton 84,000 BTU/h 460V/3ph


The Airrex HSC-70 – 7-ton spot cooler is used in high heat load areas such as computer rooms, warehouses and other locations that need supplemental, overnight and weekend cooling

The Airrex HSC-70 7-ton spot cooler operates in air temperatures from 68°F to 113°F and uses eco-friendly 410A refrigerant. It includes removable, washable air filters for easy maintenance. Airrex equipment may require a fresh air supply for proper operation.

The thermostatically-protected compressor includes high- and low-pressure warnings.

The HSC-70 has a 84,000 BTU cooling capacity with two 7-inch diameter front cold air discharge nozzles and has a 16-inch diameter top warm air discharge.

Optional items include:

  • An 8-foot long, 16-inch diameter flexible warm air exhaust duct and a 2 ft. x 2 ft. ceiling tile with flange

This spot cooler comes standard with a dehumidification mode, a 1-year warranty and a 3-year LG compressor warranty.

  • Power supply –480V 3PH 60hz
  • Current consumption (amps) – 15.4
  • Circuit breaker size (amps) – 20
  • Air flow (cfm, high/low) evaporator – 2000/2,200
  • Programmable digital control panel
  • Dimensions – 29.1″w x 55.1″d x 58.7″h
  • Weight – 550 lbs
  • Plug—designed for hard wiring
  • Condensate pump
  • Maximum duct length—35 ft.
  • Noise level—70 db
  • ETL Certified

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