Airrex HSC-60 5-ton 60,000 BTU/h 220V/1Ph


The Airrex HSC-60 portable spot cooler is ideal for high-temperature work sites, including manufacturing plants, ship yards; farm, automotive and machinery workshops; server rooms and more

The Airrex HSC-60 is available in three different power configurations.  It is air-cooled and provides dehumidification. It operates from 68°F to 113°F and utilizes eco-friendly 410A refrigerant. Designed for indoor use, it has a 60,000 BTU cooling capacity with two 7-inch diameter front cold air discharge nozzles for directed cooling to covers up to 2,000 sq. ft.  It has a 16-inch diameter top warm air exhaust.

This unit includes a removable, washable air filter for easy maintenance. It moves easily on swivel casters (2 locking). The condensate pump is standard.  The thermostatically-protected compressor includes high- and low-pressure warnings. This spot cooler comes standard with a dehumidification mode, a 1-year warranty and a 3-year LG compressor warranty.

The Airrex HSC-60 is also available in different power configurations


Optional items include

  • An 8-foot long, 16-inch diameter flexible warm air exhaust duct and a 2 ft. x 2 ft. ceiling tile with flange
  • Cold air outlet duct cover
  • Cold air outlet filter
  • Hot air exhaust filter



  • Cooling capacity – 60,000
  • Power supply – 220V 1PH 60Hz 1Ph
  • Power consumption (amps) – 39
  • Rated power consumption (kW) – 9.0(220V)
  • Circuit breaker size–50 (220V 60 Hz 1Ph)
  • Moisture removal- 69.7 gal/day (max)
  • Power cord – 220V 60 Hz 1Ph – NEMA plug, 6-50, 32.8 ft.
  • Maximum duct length – 65.6 ft.
  • Air flow (cfm) evaporator – 1,940
  • Air flow (cfm) condenser – 2,830
  • Static pressure (psi)– 0.071
  • Operating conditions – 68°F 60%RH – 113°F 40%RH
  • Safety Features – high/low pressure switch, fan motor protection, 3-minute delay timer, automatic full tank shut-off, thermostat protector for compressor
  • Air Filter-aluminum/washable
  • Programmable digital control panel
  • Decibels (dB)-65
  • Dimensions: 29.1″W x 55.1″D x 58.7″H
  • Weight (lbs.) – 550
  • ETL-certified

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HSC-60 Accessories

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